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Last Log on / Activity - Tables and columns


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Morning all,

Wondering if anyone can help me, im trying to find out the last log on for all full users, now I know I can see last logon in the admin side in the users section but i cant pull a report from there. So i have two questions around this.

Firstly, what table does the last login time sit under, i have tried searching database direct but am not getting any results.

Secondly, a lot of our staff leave there computers on 24-7 (I know not great for the planet) so it could show that they last logged on 2 weeks ago but they have been working every day. Is there another field somewhere that captures the last time the said users made any changes to the system, logged a ticket, resolved one, updated one, sent a email etc...? If so where is it?

Many thanks


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Guest Paul Alexander


The 'last logon' field is in the sys_accounts table under h_last_logon

I don't know how to do this, but maybe there's a way of getting the 'h_datelastmodified' field from the h_itsm_requests table to tell you who last updated any requests (presumably you could filter the requests to show the last 2 weeks or something?)


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As @Paul Alexander mentioned its in the sys_accounts table under h_last_logon.



I've attached a report I use which has the value,  ignore the custom attrib fields (I use for recharging depts) but hopefully gives you the last logon info.



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