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Minor enhancement request: more versions in the BPM Process Publishing & Activation or Major Minor


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I have adopted an increasingly iterative approach to improvement of my workflows now I have gained the experience.

This means I am often refining the flows on a daily basis with tweaks to wording and expressions and notices, etc.

But very quickly that means my available versions for rollback drop off the end of the list.

I would like to make two suggestions for the mixing-pot:

  1. More versions are kept. At present it's only 9 but let's say double it to 20
  2. Cleverer idea: we can 'fix' some versions as 'Major versions' so they never drop off. I can elect for a known stable, published version to be always available for rollback

Of course, I have a workaround that I can export/save my workflows for later re-import if I want to but this is one for the roadmap.

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Can I go for a +++1 please as I've already added a +1

Just been looking to find when a change was made to a BPM, in the 9 showing can only see where there might have been a format change or tweak rather than an older version which would have probably given me the answer.  Quite like the idea of being able to mark a version as a major one too.

I do usually download a version before I change them but not in this case unfortunately

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