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Minor Enhancement: I would like an option to be able to Remove/Clear/Unlink Assets from a Request


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I have put in place a workflow to enable the Service Desk to handle a Laptop swap: A Custom Button on any IN or SR can be pushed which creates an SR to the Surgery team to swap-out their Laptop.

The first stage of the flow pulls-in their registered Laptop asset and then assigns to the In Stock User, after checking. The next stage asks Sdesk to Link a replacement Laptop and then assigns it to the Used By

When resolved, the Swap Request notifies the originating IN or SR that the swap is done and to re-visit the reported issue.

The bit I am having a problem with is that I want to REMOVE the Linked Asset used in the first stage so that it is not left Linked to the Request for the second stage; and thus we don't end-up re-associating the old one to the User.

At present, my workaround is a manual reminder after disassociating the old one to then manually Unlink it before proceeding.

These are the nodes that currently create the link to the Asset so I just want one that is called "Remove" and I will "Remove All Computer Assets"


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