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New Image Library Capabilities - Video

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Following on from the Roadmap session last week where you demoed the new 'Image Library' functionality which is coming soon, can I ask a question of whether it is possible to store other content such as Video's which we would not want to be public but require the consumer to be authenticated as a  'Guest'  (i.e .Customer Portal) user.

The logic was that we want to include video's in within our FAQ's but we want to control access to them.



PS, is there an update on when we will see the new Admin Tool released?

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Hi @Martyn Houghton

We are all excited about the Admin and additional features like the image library.  There is continued work on the new Admin and it is likely that you will have accesses soon.  If not this week, then it could be next.  We will continue to post our progress. 

My first thoughts about videos being stored in the "Image Store" is that there may be more than just uploading an MP4 that would need to be considered.  Dedicated media services and solutions will specialize in how videos are delivered/viewed, and without that there is always a chance of creating performance issues on a service that wasn't designed for delivering video media.  But it's not an area that I know enough about to definitely say what the plans are.

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