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DMARC Compliant

Michael Sharp

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@Gerry I've got this back from Mimecast sorry?

hornbill.com is categorized as "Authorized Not Compliant", with the reason that we will also need this source to be configured with DKIM. If you are going to have an occasion where emails get automatically forwarded, alignment with SPF will not be achieved, whereas with DKIM it can.
Kindly complete that part by requesting the vendor to provide a public DKIM key for your **REDACTED** domain to publish into your DNS. That way, it can be regarded as an Authorized Compliant source when your emails get signed with DKIM.

Hoping this means something to you?  Given the nature of the query, might be worth taking this to a DM chat?



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@Michael Sharp

As far as I understand it, If **REDACTED** is your domain, this is something you would need to do on the DNS servers that host your domain.  The hornbill platform makes it possible for your instance to be configured in relation to email to be DMARC compliant because we support both DKIM and SPF, but our own email, that is emails that come from Hornbill.com for example, to the best of my knowledge is not specifically DMARC authorized, although we do use both DKIM and SPF 


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