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SLA's using 2 different calendars


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We have 3 standard SLAs which are P1, P2 and P3. I have applied rules so it the priority is changed then the P1, 2 and 3 do. This works well and is based on or "working time calendar" 9-5 Mon to Fri etc.
I have been asked to have a "critical SLA" which is based on a 24/7, 7 day a week calendar. I can create this as a separate SLA but if we up the priority of the call to Critical it of course wont apply the right SLA because it seems it cant jump from one SLA group to another - unless it was set up incorrectly
Can anyone help me achieve what I have been asked?


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You will need to have two separate Service Level Agreements (SLA) in order to have different Working Time Calendar (WTC) linked to them, with the 'Critical' Service Level being only present in the the new SLA with the 24/7 WTC.

Then on the service you will need link both SLA to it and setup the rules to select the new SLA if the conditions are met to need the 'Critical' condition. By having two linked SLA you can always then switch between then on the modify SLA/Service Level option. The only additional step is that you have to select the appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA) first to access the required Service Level underneath it.









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Thanks Martyn you are a star. I had the two set up and linked and rules on but my rules were only on the specific SLA groups. The bit I missed was the rules in the service itself.
Thanks :)

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