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Missing application - can't load form. Please contact your PCF Manager


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Since the last update we have been getting errors raising requests in Hornbill Service Manager on most of our Service Catalogs.  The Employee Portal is unaffected by this error.


The only thing I can see that the PCF's all have in common, is that the names of the PCF's we create, and update (in recent years) have square brackets.

For example:

[IMT] [Remote Access] Global Remote Access

We use Square Brackets in the BPM and PCF names (even in Email Templates) in recent years because:

1) It's easy on the eyes and makes it clear on what that Entity is
2) Entities are grouped together when viewing in the list
3) Easy to search to bring back relevant results
4) The system doesn't stop us from using it, so therefore it's always been valid to use

Can someone have a look at this issue please?



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52 minutes ago, Miro said:

hi @samwoo

Does it happen after Service Manager update? Or platform?

Thank you,

Hi @Miro,

I don't quite know to be honest, but those of us who were logged in somewhere between 10 and 10:30am this morning, suddenly lost access, and had trouble logging in for a few minutes before it started working again, not sure if the problem was there before that happened or after, or whether it was a Service Manager update etc.

We don't have the ability to raise requests in Hornbill Service Manager at the moment, I presume for those PCF's with the square brackets.

We still have some old PCF's that need updating, that I haven't gotten around to doing yet, and they work fine in Service Manager.

All PCF's are working fine in the Employee Portal regardless of whether the name has brackets or not.



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