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User availability states

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

I just wanted to clarify something around the User Availability States in a Users profile in Service Manager.

If I mark myself as 'On Holiday' or any other unavailable reason am I correct in the presumption that this User State is just a visual marker for other Users to note, and the system does not take a Users availability state into consideration at all? For example I can see I can currently assign a request to a member of our 2nd line team who is marked as 'On Holiday'. 

I am just wanting to clarify this so i can provide correct guidance to the Users for when they are marked unavailable, and specifically more around the 'On Holiday' state. I have had a few Users mention this that once back they can see updates to the request still assigned to them even though they are marked as 'unavailable', or new requests being assigned to them by another team member.

Many thanks !

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