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Send Resolution email if resolution visibilty is customer


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We currently send out all resolution text entered on a SR but are looking for a way to only send out an email containing the resolution text IF the resolution text visibility is set to customer.

I have tried using a decision node, but cannot seem to find anything to look for visibility.

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Hi @will.good

I've had a look and I can't see any options that would help.  The visibility is really for the Timeline entry and what we might be needing here is a check against the resolution field itself.   Is it fairly random when a resolution is set to Customer visibility?  I was thinking that if there were particular types of requests where this occurs that we could try to identify something to trigger the resolution email or not.  For example if you were to use a closure category, this could be checked to determine if the email should be sent or not.

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@will.good It's very difficult to automate something that's fairly random!

The most logical step that springs to mind is to use a Human Task as the Resolution action - you can then have two "Complete" actions of "Customer Resolution" and "Internal Resolution" (or whatever suits) and then branch in the Workflow based on that option to send or not send the text, using a BPM node to resolve the Request instead of the Action in the UI.
You can enforce the use of the Task to resolve the issue by locking the Resolve Action immediately the Request is raised and only unlocking it once that Task is completed.

Alternatively a pair of Custom Buttons would work in a similar way.

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