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Importing Assets from CSV - no data


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I'm importing software assets into Service manager via a CSV.

The fields I need are populated, and those which require a variable are also populated.

When importing, everything goes through with no errors. So far so good...

However... There is no data being imported, just a record with a name as the Asset ID; none of the detail provided on the CSV at all, for any of the records.

Any ideas what's going wrong here?

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The first thing to check would be that all the fields are populated as the database expects.
There are a number of fields where the UI presents a human-readable value but the actual data is a number, for example.

I can't remember which these would be off the top of my head, but that's always my first step.

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Ok, I figured it out, I had "Auto generate name" on.  Oddly it decided to do nothing but generate the name and not bring any other details in.

Also, if you have put a prefix in, you cant remove it. If you delete it, save the record and go back in, the prefix is still there.

Maybe some bugs there?

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