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Issues sending emails from a call?

lee mcdermott

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We have reports this morning that analysts cannot send emails from a call? 

Sending from the mailbox seems to be ok.

Could this be related to updates applied last night?


Anyone else having problems?




Also the email - direct outbound (in admin settings) doesn't seem to have changed or update since yesterday?



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The issue is caused by stricter rights checking against the given mailbox from which the email is being sent. Whilst we are working to create a patch you should be able to workaround the issue by adding the right [mangeMailbox] against the mailbox that is used to send email for the Analysts having the issue. 

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson. 

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Guest Paul Alexander

We have 25 mailboxes and 183 analysts - before I start doing this, is there a time frame for when the patch might be available please?! :)


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@Keith Stevenson sorry I haven't done that before - can you send me some instructions (checked the wiki and can't find anything).

Note I've applied your workaround (manage mailbox permission) which has got us working....but obviously need to remove it at some point.


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