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I came across this which I thought would be useful Hornbill Role Finder - Hornbill
I have tried running it on PowerShell as an admin but I get an error - one of the lines reads "An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions. panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference"

Then it seems to run with about 10 lines of text and in that mentions /Users/steveg/go/src/github.com/hornbill/goHornbillRoleFinder/main.go:45 +0x35b
But I get nothing like the screenshot in the documentation.

Am I doing something wrong? The parameters I have set up as the documentation describes - my log in and password and instance etc. Could be our firewalls of course :(

The documentation seems to refer to it as rigfhtfinder when the exe is rolefinder.

I cant find anything on the forums on the searches I can think of doing - sorry if I've missed an previous posts.

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Hi @Smurfy,

The first error you highlight suggests firewalls (socket access) - you might need to set HTTPS_PROXY and or HTTP_PROXY if you have proxy servers set up.

It wouldn't surprise me that the subsequent errors are caused by the first error - that particular gobbledegook is for the developer to know where to have a look at figuring out what is happening. I would venture that there is some code on line 45 of main.go that would fail if there is no network connection (that would be over the socket the initial error is complaining about). There might be a more graceful exit on the networking error, but that is what I would focus on.


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