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Cloud Get Timestamp node seems to subtract 5 minutes when I ask for 30


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My Standard Change flow automatically adds the Standard Change to the Change Calendar with an End Time of 'now' and a start time of ' now minus 30 mins' (or so I thought):



I then map those timestamps to custom date/time fields and have added them to the Request List view and renamed so everyone can see and search but their CRs and their scheduled times

But as you can see, the 'minus 30 mins' node is actually only doing 'minus 5 minutes':


Any ideas?

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Hi @Berto2002,

Could you please confirm that you have in fact published the BP and not just saved it before testing (i.e. last published=currently active BP having 5min in it)?

From my brief test, the module works as expected - the expected outcome being current time minus thirty minutes.

You could output the resulting timestamp(SQL) in the timeline or so, just to see what the utility outputs rather than what the DB interprets it as (just to remove that potential problem).

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