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Where can the information here be customised?

I am looking for a place to remove the Feedback option and add in other fields but cannot find anywhere to do this?


I thought it was on the Progressive Capture under Customer Search > Additional Display Fields but this does not seem to make any changes to the form?


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Hi @will.good

The current implementation of Progressive Capture for Analysts has the Feedback hard set.  We are just at the tail end of the next implementation of Progressive Capture that should do the following

  • Automatically not show the Feedback field if there is no feedback available
  • The Feedback field will be added to the Additional Display Fields
  • When using the Additional Display Fields, the Feedback field will not be available unless you specify it within the list of Additional Display Fields.

No set timeframe yet for the new Progressive Capture implementation, but I'm thinking weeks rather than months until you can enable this.  


I hope that will help.

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