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Change Asset Owner to a Role - not a User


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Hi @Ann-MarieHolloway

Could I confirm if you want to use the Owner field for this?  If an asset is being reallocated to another user when someone leaves the organization, that would suggest to me that they don't own the asset, but rather they use the asset.  An asset can be switched to a shared asset where you can assign different Groups that use the asset.  A group could be one or more users.  



The Owner field can be useful to identify assets that are actually owned by the user (bring your own device to work).  There is also a department field available on assets that would allow you to specify which department the asset belongs to.  I've seen other Hornbill admin remove/hide the Owner field on assets as their employees don't typically own the assets that they use at work. 

There are also Hornbill Automations that you can use on a Leaver Process that would automatically remove a user from the assets that they use.

Let us know if any of this helps or if you have some more questions.


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HI @James Ainsworth

Thanks for getting back to me.
We use the 'Owner' field to add our CTO, as he 'owns' all IT assets.  The 'User' field is then filled with whoever that particular asset is allocated to.

We would rather use the Role as the Owner, as that way it will not change when someone leaves or enters the role.

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