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Best Practice or How to set up Asset Management and Configuration Manager Correctly


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Hi Steffen,

I am currently going through our asset data, and one key thing I would highlight is to make sure you are only importing the assets you want into the system from the outset, as I have found some issues I have had to correct where incorrect/un-required assets were loaded when we first moved onto the platform and I was not originally involved. We also had some incorrect asset update configuration issues where we had around 150 servers being recreated every day due to said incorrect configuration, rather than these updating the existing record it created duplicates every day.

Both of these issues meant we ended up removing a lot of incorrect data from the  system. We also found that our customers had more 'random' values to select with all this extra data available in the asset picker so removing these has lowered the number of asset data issues on a day to day basis where customers select just random values to move forward in a PC. 

I now monitor the incoming assets daily to check what has been created as 'New' every day to check and avoid any further duplication issues but of course a lot of manual work had to be done to review and correct or remove records.


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