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Asset reporting: where is the history of an asset held please?


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Hi, can anyone please help me as to where the history of an Asset is stored? We want to be able to pull-out a report of the historical owners of an asset so I seek the table with that data.

The history tab of an asset holds what changed and the timestamp. This article refers but does not tell us which table it's held in: Asset History - Hornbill. I have searched for assets, cmdb, history...


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Ah, I think it's in the generic Audit table, right?

So now I am going to try to get a report to link between the AssetID and the Audit entry but there is no viable join direct from Assets to audit trail. Any pointers please?


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Also interested in this so had a play around.

assetID appears to be stored in the id column of h_sys_audit_trail, but it's not just asset ID's in that column.
So I stripped away some data by adding a couple of filters:

filter the column "table" for h_cmdb_assets
filter the column "column" for h_owned_by_name
Then I had a filter for user prompted value for "id"

Run the report, enter asset ID and on the example I ran that gave me 9 records returned, there were 3 different usernames listed in the new value, and old value columns.

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