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Measure is missing every other month

Sam P

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Hoping there may be a simple fix for this, this measure is calculating first time fix for each month however it's skipping every other month, presumably because the end date is already in the next month?  How do I get accurate monthly measures?  Do I need set the "Monthly" parameter somewhere?  As below, August is missing.


image.png.b4b84e05f09045dd13caa22a07bba2fb.png    image.png.9f64631411df2f2eaeecfe27427608da.png


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Just to round this off...

"Following the investigation into the issue you reported (Measures are skipping a month) our developers confirmed this is caused by a product defect (ref: KE00170905). They are now working to have it fixed. The fix will be available in a future product update

Workaround: To leave the Timezone in the measure blank or set to none."

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