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Can a PCF field pre-populate with data entered on previous nodes?


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We are considering integrating our HR and IT Leavers. There is overlap in some of the information requested but we'd like the HR form and IT form to be complete in their own right. So I wanted to have the name of the Leaver as entered in the IT form display as the default entry on the HR node that follows; so the Manager does not need to complete it twice.

I don't think it can be done because the Default Value field is not an active field and cannot hold Variables?


Anyone done this or have another suggestion (other than either having, say one long form or double-entry)?

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I'm pretty certain that it can't be done - by the nature of Progressive Capture we cannot assume that a previous value on a different form has been entered, or even that the previous form has been visited; the Capture may have bypassed it due to branching, for example.

My suggestion would be to have 3 forms;
One "common" form with entries such as Employee Name etc.
One form for IT-specific entries
One form for HR-specific entries

That way you avoid having to enter the same data twice, and based on the "common" form you may have the opportunity to bypass the IT or HR forms if they're not required, for example a Leaver who has no IT equipment might not need the IT form completing.

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