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email not updating call ?

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Just wondered if anyone would know why when emails are being received (with the call reference in subject field it will not update the call? But this is only affecting one person which is the strange part. It works for everyone else?


In this instance a group of people all receive the same email (distribution group) they all clink a link to reply which puts the call ref in the subject field, so they are all replying with essentially the same email. However for one person as mentioned it is received in the inbox but does not update the call, everyone else it works for?


any ideas?



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@lee mcdermott 

As @Alberto M suggested I'd double check the email address first.. but if thats ok you may also want to check that the email address in question is not associated to multiple user accounts, if a unique record can not be identified then it may not update the request.

Kind Regards,


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