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Back Ups - specifically PC's & BP's


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I've been asked by Management to find out how people backup their Progressive Captures & Business processes.  

The question - If we deleted a process (and in doing so all versions of it) but hadn’t noticed for a period of say 10 days (unlikely but possible for our less frequently used services) would Hornbill be able to restore that process back leaving everything else as it was (so up to date)?  

I believe the answer to the above from Hornbill is No.

Therefore I'd like to find out what others do in case the above should ever happen (I should imagine by accident).  This hasn't happened thankfully but something that's come to light with the introduction of other internal services using Hornbill.



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My first question would be why would you delete a Process or Capture that was potentially in use?

Both can be de-activated from the Publishing and Activation menu, which will, by default, remove them from view and prevent them from being used, which would highlight any issues in a non-destructive way.

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In the case with BPMs, you can't delete them if there are any active instances of the BPM.  This greatly reduces the chance of accidental deletion. 

With BPMs, you can also restrict access/visibility.  As you introduce these different internal services, you can control access so that just the users that build BPMs for a particular service can restrict them so other users can't see, change, or delete these BPMs


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