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Regex help? Extracting a User's name from the Description field


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Hi everyone. Regex is a mystery code with magical properties! But too magical for non-coders :-)

I have emails coming in from an upstream system which I'm picking-up with routing rules and feeding into workflow.

I use this Regex to extract the email address of the user from the Summary and it works fine: (?<=\()(.*?)(?=\))

I then trawled the 'net and came-up with this Regex to extract the contents that follow the "Name:" string: (^Name:\s*\K[^:].*)

But it doesn't work, despite looking like it should in the tester. When I paste the result to the Timeline I get null/blank.


This is the email when we look at Email Source:


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I went with Victor's Regex and it works. Spread the word about Victor being a genius with Regex :-)

@Paul, your suggestion is in the toolbox for another time. Useful to be about to count to the start of a string and then use that later for something.

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