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Issues in the US

John C

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@Victor Hello,


Service Manager users in Anderson, South Carolina, US cannot load the Service Desk page, sits spinning, can access it with no issues in Ireland & UK...

Is there a Data Centre down in US or? Just sits on loading, have tried incognito, cleared history/cache, rebooted, affecting more than one user....

Thank you...



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Hi John,

Thanks for your post.  We will take a look at your Hornbill to see if there is anything on our side that might be causing this.  I don't believe that you will be using one of the US data centers so it won't be a US data center issue.

I'll let you know if I hear of anything.

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We monitor the instance health and availability from at least 5 locations worldwide every 5 minutes and the endpoint (service.hornbill.com) from 20 every 60 seconds. None of these has shown any errors for the past 30 days. This would suggest something local or in transport between customer and our data centers is blocking. 

Can you clarify when this occurred

Where the users effected 

What is common about the users effected

Does the issue follow the user (For example if error happens in office, does the problem occur out of office)

Can the users get to live.hornbill.com/XXXX and login without error.

Can you also get a HAR from Chrome

Results of a ping to mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com

Results of https://mdh-p01.api.hornbill.com/instancename/xmlmc/ from an effected user. 

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson

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@Keith Stevenson morning.


All Admins affected in Anderson, USA. I have remoted onto one of their devices and took the below requested info.

Started happening yesterday, has been fine previously with no issues, not like this one anyway, only affecting users in Anderson, Ireland/UK is fine...

What is common is they all get the same response, with Hornbill just loading as per screenshot below...

All users in office.

End users can log into the Portal and log tickets with no issues...does not matter which browser is used.

Thank you...I have access to a remote PC in US if you would like to send a Zoom invite or equivalent?

Just to note my login works fine here in Ireland, I too can replicate same issue by using my ID on device in US. (Spiining)















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In Hornbill underlying structure we have moved numerous components to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) source, this will provide better performance and reliability when using Hornbill. However, we encountered a problem where certain resources were loaded in an unanticipated order due to global cache load and warm-up times. Modern browsers work mostly asynchronously and its not always easy to detect these types of issue during development and testing. Having identified the problem we have changed the load order of things ensuring critical code is executed early, which solves the problem. This change has been deployed as a hot-fix at 11:40 GMT. We unreservedly apologise for all the troubles this issue has caused.

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