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Missing Activities for Request Owner


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Hi , we have an issue where the request owner can no longer see Activities (1st screenshot). However, i can see it on my screen (2nd screenshot). it is preventing request owner the ability to close the call. please can you help to rectify this?


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@LorraineS I'll lock the other one to avoid duplicates. I'm afraid there is no guarantee on forum answers. Your organisation is subscribed to the Premier Success plan. For any issues your organisation can make use of a support request and if you have a query on forums, your organisation can also expedite an answer to it.

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On 1/17/2022 at 4:58 PM, HGrigsby said:


We have a very similar issue for two of our analysts and the screenshots look the same.

As well as being unable to see the activities and tasks, they can't see the timeline either.


Hi Helen, our issue has been resolved. There were expirations on the authorisations nodes. 

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