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Look up Email address from selected name in BPM


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Here's my scenario;

On a progressive capture I have a selection box populated with user names and stored in a custom field.


Now in my BPM I want to use that info to find the associated email address for that user.

I've had a good rummage around, but can't seem to find any way of doing this. Has anyone any ideas?

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OK...this is how we do it (there may be other ways, but I know this works!!)

So, in the Progressive Capture, do as you've done and add the 'data query' provider to get a users' details.

Then in the BPM ensure that you add a 'get progressive capture answers' node:



Then add a 'get user details' node and point the 'userid' option to the RAW VALUE of the user selection field in the PCF -so:









You can use the fields from the 'get user details' node to update other fields, send emails, change customers etc....


That's probably not explained so well, but hopefully it'll help? 




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