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Looking for a bit of guidance on if it is possible to only send out the resolution text IF the visibility is set to customer?

So if the visibility is set to Team then it would not send out the resolution text.



I think this is enforced in the Business Process but I cannot see any option to send on basis of visibility.



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@VictorDo you have a suggested workaround? Would it be just as easy to disable resolution text sending automatically and just use the email functionality?

I think this should be a suggestion for a change request/enhancement. If the feature to auto send resolution text is enabled in business processes but I don't want to, i should be able to select visability as team and this does not send a resolution email out to the customer.

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@will.good one solution would be to give control to the user for when a resolution email is sent. Not the most ideal given this is now subject to human error. You can use the email functionality as you suggested or have a bit more automation here using custom buttons. When the button is used, it triggers an auto-task that sends the resolution in an email with a template of your choice. Basically the "Send Resolution Email" workflow node is moved from the request workflow into an auto-task that the user can trigger by using the custom button.



I'll advise development of your suggestion for enhancement.

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