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Enhancement suggestion: Highlight all active/suspended nodes in Live Instance, not just one

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I have noticed if you have parallel workstreams that are each presenting a Human Task (Activity) on the GUI, the Live Instance BPM ID flow only shows ONE of them in the highlighted wait state. I think it shows the one it reached first. In my case, I have 3 Activities waiting, one from each of 3 parallel streams, and it would be good for diagnostics to be able to see the green highlighting on all 3 of the waiting nodes. I expect that if one failed, the other 2 'good' ones would still not show either.


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Hi @Berto2002

Thanks for your post. 

You'll be pleased to know that this is something that was already considered and has been included as part of a future BPM update.  I'm not aware of the the timeframes for the availability of this, but I'll try to come back to this post once I have some news.  

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