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No longer need to pick Catalog Item when logging just Service


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Hopefully a simple one but when analysts are creating incidents they are able to progress past the Service List page with only have to select the Service Name and not an actual Catalog. This then errors at the end of PCF with a "Can't load next flow". I don't want users to be able to get past this page without selecting an actual Catalog Item within a service. 


This is working for Service Requests but nothing else. Previously all would function the same as Service Requests and not allow progress. Has something changed I can't see any config differences between Service Requests and any other type of request.

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Guest Mohamed

Hi @AndyHill

Is this app-setting: servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.catalogRequired enabled? This setting should enforce that a Catalog item needs to be selected when a Service is chosen

Hope that helps




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@Mohamed Thanks that was the setting I was looking for. It turns out my colleague turned that off to fix another issue where a service doesn't have a catalog item and you end up with 


A bit of a catch 22. We never previously had this issue when the catalogrequired setting was enabled. 

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