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How do I stop my Users from editing Change Request Details?


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We use workflow to populate all our CR fields. The User never edits the Details section directly. In fact I don't want my users to ever be able to use the Edit Details box (circled below). In our flow it exposes us to someone editing the Implementation Plan after approval, for example.

I noticed the default "Change Management User" has a permission to "Update Change Requests" and "Update Requests" but when I created a copy of "Change Management User" and moved a User across from the existing to new role, they still retained the ability to use that Edit button.

So how do I disable the use of that button for most users please? Any ideas?



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Hi @Berto2002

Once your change has progressed to a point were the details of the change are set and you don't want users to update them, you can use the Lock Request Details BPM Hornbill Automation.


Let me know if this is what you are looking for.


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