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How to link a document to a Service or catalogue item for analysts


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Hi everyone,

I am reaching out to see if there is a way to link a document to a certain Service or catalogue item which can be access within the analyst view of the ticket? I can there is the option for documents within the service portfolio, just not sure how to add or link them to documents that have been uploaded in the Document manager. 

For example, I have written and uploaded a process doc for a particular software installation and licencing, I would like to be able to link that within the catalogue item for said software,  so every time a ticket is raised for this service, the analyst is able to refer to the process document if they need to within the ticket so its easy and quick access.  Another example, we have a service dedicated to VPN issues so i would like to link a troubleshooting guide for all VPN issues so every new ticket has this doc linked for the analysts to refer to. 

This is not customer facing for my examples, analyst only.

Is this possible? 

Thanks for any advice in advance. 

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Guest Ehsan

Hi @TomC,

The 'Documents' option in the service portfolio is designed for the self-service (i.e. Employee Portal / Customer Portal) experience.

I would propose that you use the FAQs feature in the service portfolio. Published FAQs can be viewed through the Solutions tab in the request details page as below. In addition, an analyst can use the solution to resolve the request with.


I hope this helps.


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