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Create New -> External Link not working


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Good afternoon,

Not sure when this started, but when clicking on the dropdown next to Create New -> then clicking on External Link nothing happens.

I wanted to create a Hornbill Document pointing to an external document using an external link... I cannot find any temporary workarounds for this at the moment.

We are using the latest version of Edge if that helps. Any assistance would be great.



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I figured it out - if clicking the button when inside a Library nothing happens, but if clicking on it within "My Documents" it works.

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7 minutes ago, Victor said:

@samwoo troubleshooted in 2 minutes... not a bad time but we had better timings :P

At least I managed to set my own record then, that's all that matters :lol:

3 minutes ago, TrevorHarris said:


Glad you worked it out, will raise a bug for it not working when viewing a library




Cheers Trevor!

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