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Issues with Date field (Custom_22) in PC not being pulled into the Custom field within BPM

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We have a joint process with HR which creates ICT a call within the HR process.  Unfortunately for the Onboarding process the date field from the PC is not being pulled over when the ICT call is created.

So our setup is as follows:

PC - We ask for the Start Date which gets put straight into Custom field 22 as below.


This custom field is showing the date when it creates the HR call (I've added the custom field within the details area to check it)


In the BPM for the HR call it's meant to create a call for ICT and copy over a number of custom fields for us to use in the ICT BPM


Other than the Custom 22 (above) all the other fields are coming over fine (most of which we select the relevant question/answer from the PC) to be inserted into the custom fields - as we do with custom 22 - &[functions.pcf("employment","h_custom_22")]

The issue we have is I cannot get the date from the 'Start Date' (question in the PC) to copy over to a date field in the Update ICT Custom Fields node above (custom 22).  I've tried getting it to enter as both display and raw value but it will not appear within the ICT call from the PC.



I can however copy over custom field 22 from the HR call (which is where the PC puts the data) and insert it into Custom 25 - see above. (However I want the question to put this in not copy it over)

I've even tried creating another start date field (which goes into custom 25) to copy over but that isn't coming over to the ICT call either.

I really don't understand why this is not working as it's setup exactly the same for our Leaver process and that's working fine.

Can anyone help please? 



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