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Direct link to a specific FAQ

Paul Alexander

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Is there a way to add a link to a SPECIFIC FAQ, rather than just the list of FAQ's for a service?

We're trying to promote our 'self service password reset tool' and we've added all of the details to an FAQ and we'd like to add a link to this FAQ in any emails being sent out be IT.

However, it looks like we can only add a link to the page of ALL FAQs for that service, which doesn't really work for us as users just won't bother looking. 

I'm sure that, in the 'old' portal we had an option to open an individual FAQ (but I may be wrong!)?



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@Paul Alexander yep this is still available.  You can get the direct URL if you use the search widget, find the FAQ and open it



This open's just that FAQ in the Service view



Once you have this, you can see the format of the link for other specific FAQ's

Hope that helps


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@Martyn Houghton the customer portal experience hasn't changed, and it is a slightly different UI.

If the user searches for and finds an FAQ using the search bar, then chooses to open the FAQ it will take them to the FAQ list and open the relevant FAQ answer

Each FAQ can we accessed directly using the following format - but as mentioned this will take a customer to the FAQ list on the relevant service, and expanded the answer accordion of specific FAQ.

https://customer.hornbill.com/INSTANCE NAME/servicemanager/service/5/faqs/8


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