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Hornbill Contacts. Is it possible to to lock down view of contacts by support queue?

Adam Toms

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Hi All,

We've recently dipped our toe into enterprise service management, by opening up Hornbill to more than just our IT team. We've now got our Facilities team using Hornbill for their Incidents and Requests and this is working very well.

There is a genuine need for them to have stored contacts that wouldn't need access to the portal, but there are some external customers that they may need to email. I've studied the wiki page on contacts: Contacts - Hornbill

These contacts would only be relevant for our Facilities team and our IT department wouldn't require access. I can see the ability to mark these contacts as private. But i believe this only makes the contact visible to an individual. But all members of the Facilities team would need to be able to see these contacts. 

Is there a way of locking these contacts down by support queue? 

If not I think it would be a great enhancement for us and I'm sure other customers wishing to use this feature.

Kind Regards


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