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Using SQL Functions in Reports?

Stephen Weiler

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I've developed a Direct SQL query that gives me what I need, but I can't find a way to use this / replicate this in Reports / in some method others can run. Can we use SQL functions in Reports?

My Direct SQL is below. The measures I'm looking for are in bold font. Can I get these same results using Reports?

    h_pk_reference TicketNumber,
    h_summary Summary,
    h_fk_priorityname priority,
    h_ownername owner,
    IF(h_ownername = h_lastmodifiedusername, 'Yes','No') LastUpdatedByOwner,
    h_datelogged LogDate,
    h_datelastmodified lastmodified,
    TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR,h_datelastmodified,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP()) AS HoursSinceUpdate,
    ROUND(TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR,h_datelastmodified, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP())/24,0) AS DaysSinceUpdate,

    h_lastmodifiedusername lastmodifiedby,
    h_status status
from h_itsm_requests
where h_status not in('status.closed','status.resolved','status.cancelled')
limit 1000

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