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Human Task variable pointing to a Simple List only results in the Value not the Default Display


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Good afternoon,

I need to be able to pull the "Default Display" of a selected item in a Human Task variable that looks up a Simple List. 

In this list I set the "Value" field to use the "Request Category Key" from the Requests Profiles, and the "Default Display" as the name of the Project...

I am using this in place to capture Projects (for Service Requests) that haven't been defined in the Simple List, and therefore via a Human Task, it will prompt the user to create it (with instructions), then when they "Complete" the task they are prompted to select the project from the Simple List as if they were the customer logging the request, and they should select the newly created item in the list and it should then automatically set the "Request Category" of the ticket from the Value field, and add prefix the Summary of the request with the "Default Display" from the Simple List.

Unfortunately, I don't get the same option to either select "Raw Value" or "Display Value" when pulling the results of this Human Task variable in another node, such as "Update Request Category" or "Update Request Details".


I have gotten a bit frustrated at the functionality not being the same across the board as I really thought it would be the same as anywhere else that pulls variables where Simple Lists are involved...

Anyway, the Request Category is set automatically no problem, but I am now at a loss at what I can do to automate the automatic prefixing of the request Summary (since it just put the Category Key in there instead of the Default Display)... I may have to resort to using Microsoft Flow + API in the meantime. Can this be looked at?



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