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Enhancement or minor defect?: Please make the Role search include the whole string


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I wanted to search for all roles with "admin" in them but I cannot because the search only searches the start of the string! So unless I know the first word, I cannot search for roles with certain words.

I am sure you didn't mean to design it this way so I suspect minor defect?

Searching for "admin" finds only roles starting with "Admin":


But I believe it should find all roles with "Admin" in the Role name; a few examples of which you can see when you have no search criteria in the list:


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@David Hall

Boom! Haha. And there's the difference between how technical and non-technical people see the world! :-) Thanks.

These days, we assume the "%" in searches. I suggest you could consider that to bring consistency in the Product. For example, in the search for Users I CAN enter any string direct, with no "%" and it finds a user, even if the string is not at the start:




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