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I've hunted around on the forums and played around with Service manger, but I cannot for the life of me work out how to assign an SLA to a Department. You can do it for Teams, Sites and what-not, but not anything as logical as a department.

On this site, we have departments which, by their nature, require a higher priority when logging calls, it isn't feasible to add every member of the department (especially when that may change) to a TEAM, so using the AD attribute of Department (which has been imported to the customers details) seems completely rational. Our customer AD attributes are updated automatically via our HR systems so if they change department it's all gravy.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume this is not possible; maybe a future development? Any thoughts are welcome.


Merry Christmas.

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Hi @QEHNick

Thanks for the post.  As you have correctly identified, department is not something that can be used when assessing SLAs, we don't store this directly against a request and to my knowledge its not a scenario that we have come across before. There is no current plan to extend this functionality further but if there is enough customer demand then we can look to consider adding this to the future enhancements list.

As a possible workaround to this, you can access the custom request fields from the SLA rules... so perhaps in your BPMs before you initialise the SLA, you could retrieve the department value from the customer using one of the user tasks e.g.


and then store the retrieved department value against the request in one of your custom fields?  You could then reference the custom field in your SLA rules?

Kind Regards,




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Ah but it seems that those do not map into the SLA rules. All you can see for "custom"  fields are "Request Custom" (A - O and then 21-30), "Contact Custom" (1-6) and "Organization Custom" (0-11).

I'm not sure these translate to the "Attribute" (1 - 8) fields in the "User profile" section of the "Import configuration".


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Well, it turns out you can't do it as yet, however, I was able to highlight that the person who the ticket is for is a VIP.

Essentially it was to populate an active directory attribute with an identifying "tag".

That "tag" is then imported with your LDAP info.

Map that to a custom field in the BPM. Get customer info, update customer fields and then use a decision to identify if that value is present. At that point you can do what you want with the ticket; add a notice, change the colour of a board card, send an email etc. etc.

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