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Link assets in the BPM

Paul Alexander

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I'm just bumping this request as I could still do with some help!

We manage our software licenses where we have ONE license with multiple seats by doing the following:

  • We have a 'master' asset
  • We have multiple (however many 'seats' we have) 'token' assets
  • The token assets, when taken and used, are linked to the master  asset.
  • This way, we can track how many of these 'tokens' are being used, so we know when to start ordering more. 
  • When someone leaves, we remove 'their' token from the master, which then frees up a token to be used by someone else.


In the bpm, I'd like to be able to select this 'master' asset (which isn't linked in any way to the customer of the request) and link or unlink the asset (which I CAN get access to in the BPM as it's linked to the request customer) and link the Master and Token to each other. 

I'd envision doing this by having a BPM node which allows me to 'get' an asset by it's ID (I will know what this is, and there will be only ONE of these to choose), and then linking this in the same way that I link any other asset in the bpm.


Being able to do this in the BPM would save a fair amount of work for our analysts, and, if we could also 'unlink' the two assets in the BPM it would help to streamline our Leavers process too.



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