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Data Query - Data Provider - Custom creations.


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Is there anyway for us to create custom Data Providers that can be used by the Data Query in a Progressive Capture?


As part of our New Starter request if the new headcount is replacing someone we want to know who they are replacing, however, if that users has been archived because they departed long before the replacement they don't appear in Search All Users. 

I can think of a few other examples where being able to create custom Data Providers would be really helpful.


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Hi Andy,

No we don't support custom data providers. The main we reason we haven't done this is because we need to ensure searches are carried out on indexed fields (so there is no performance impact on DB when scanning large tables). 

Now what we can do is look at providing common options per data provider, so in your example, when you select Search All Users data provider  we could look at adding an option to specify "Include archived users" and so on.

Will run it past the teams to see if we can get it added to feature requests.


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In additional to the above would it be possible to provide a filtered data query - for example a manager can only see users in the list where they are defined as their manager in hornbill? or only users who are based at a specific site or members of a particular organisation?

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