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Euan Coleman

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We have noticed this morning that the drop down on the service list for one of our customers his disappeared and we now only get 2 options;

The site and site complaint.

This is working as normal for every other site and nothing has changed against this one to have removed all the other options.


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Hi @Euan Coleman

When a support person is creating a request on behalf of a customer, the list of available services can be determined by both what the customer is subscribed to and what the support person supports.  

There is a global setting that controls the visibility of services based on if the support person supports the service or not.


While the service subscriptions or the supporting teams may not have changed on the actual services, it is possible that the user(s) that are not getting the full list of services have been moved from one team to another, resulting in them not seeing some of the services.

I hope that helps.


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