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Gov UK Notify Ibridge setup for text messages

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Hi All

I am testing the setup of GOV UK Notify SMS text service. However I am unsure of the setup of this text as it appears to have more values available than Twilo which just has 3 fields one of which is 'Message'

What I wanted to check is do we use the Template ID for the text to be sent in the text message via GOV UK, and if so where would I configure these templates?

Many thanks


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Hi Sam

Thank you for the above - my manager just also confirmed the same, and I was unaware of the need to configure these templates direct in the GOV UK page, then use the reference in the BPM. I was furiously searching in Hornbill :D

Many thanks :) 

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins,

As @SamS has mentioned, the template that is required is defined in the Gov.UK Notify platform. To find the template ID:

  • Sign in to GOV.UK Notify.
  • Go to the Templates page and select the relevant template.
  • Select Copy template ID to clipboard.

Once that's in your clipboard, you can paste it into your Hornbill workflow.



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