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Scheduled Tasks

Terry Withers

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@Terry Withers  this is something we would be really interested in as well. Ideally, without code or an external API call just an admin UI capability

Hi @Victor

Something similar to the scheduler in ITOM but for Service Manager would be super helpful for most customers, i would think

Could it be considered for the backlog??


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@Terry Withers based on the title of this post, you are looking for Schedule Tasks.

If you navigate to the My Activities View, which can be found either under the Home menu or from the My Activities Right Hand Popout Panel and create a new Activity, there is a schedule option available.



Once you select the Schedule option you are then presented with the following options.



Let us know if this is what you are looking for.  I know that you also mentioned scheduling the creation of a Service Request, but by definition, a service request is generally a request from a customer asking for something and not something that would typically be scheduled on a recurrence. 



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