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I am seeing a particular issue with one full user. They cannot see any charts that have been shared with them, the charts are visible and he is in the teams it is shared with.

He has exactly the same roles and access as the other members of the team and I have even gone as far as recreating replicating the chart directly on his logon for him and made is visible, Yet he is stil lgetting the message: There are no Charts configured or visible when he try's to look at any charts. The rest of the team do not get this issue.

I'm not sure what else i can do at this point but he really needs the chart for reporting.



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As it is only affecting the one user, a couple of other things I would try.

1.) Have the user login to another computer to see if the problem still exists

2.) Are they running any browser extensions?  If so, turn them off and try again.

3.) Are they using a different browser from everyone else?  Try a different browser.

4.) Clear browser cached files on their browser, and try again.

Let us know if any of these make a difference.

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