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Manually set a fix date/time


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Hi all

done a quick search and also had a quick look into the BP but nothing really standing out too me.

I am experiencing issues with technical teams not resolving high priority tickets in a timely manner, and the reports being produced are ran on the resolved on field, which if the techs are only resolving the following the day after it was fixed, its adding hours onto the true fix time thus impacting our SLAs.


Is there a fixed on date/time field that is available that i can add it into the buisness process, where the tech can manually input this date/time and i can run my reports on this field instead which will give me more accurate times (other than getting a whip out and whipping some techs to resolve things off quicker). 

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Hi @danb

Thanks for your post.  The marking of the resolution target being met does not need to be dependent on the resolution of the request being completed.  More information about this can be found here.  The node to stop the fix or resolution timer can be placed anywhere, so you should be able to mark the resolution using multiple checks within the BPM at different stages. 



Using a date field in place of the resolution may just be moving the goal posts and there will still be a dependency on them filling out that field.

The Service Level Agreements and the underlying Service Levels and their targets are quite strict and great for when controlled targets based on customer contracts are needed.  It may be that in some cases that the Service Levels are more than what's required.  It is possible to create a ''Due By Date'' custom field and report on due date vs resolution date.  You would however lose the automation around escalations and a few other features related to the response and resolution timers, but for situations where service level targets are not required, this can be a nice and simple way to work.

Let me know if you have any questions about these two approaches.


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There is also the option of creating a custom button with an auto task behind that the technical can use to mark the fix and stop the resolution timer. If is a convenience issue this option provides a much easier way to mark the fix by the press of a button... however this still means that one has to actually press the button ... but if pressing a button also turns out to be too much of a task, I am starting to think that your whip suggestion becomes more favourable and, perhaps, preferred ... :D 

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