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First Time Fix Implementation


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I have been asked to take a look at implementing a button which would set the first time fix for a call

To achieve this I have created an autotask to set first time fix and linked that to a button visible to a specific team

Having tested it, it looks like the value is not being defined and I have a few questions:

Would the button not have an effect on a call if it is already in a resolved state?

If someone selects first time fix in error how would that be unset?

If this cannot be achieved using a custom button how would we be best able to define a first time fix?

Would this be better achieved by defining a mandatory task to state whether a first time fix has been achieved?

Many thanks

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@AlexOnTheHill have you taken a look at the business process operation for automatically setting the first time fix on tickets based on your configured rules?


If you include this node at the end of your workflow, and configure the options, it will automatically mark the first time fix flag for you on the ticket, if your configured conditions are met?


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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I am aware this option was explored and declined during out onboarding.

I am looking to define a button / activity which would allow an agent to manually define a request as a first time fix - effectively just the same as it was in SupportWorks.

I hope this makes sense.

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In which case you may want two simple auto-tasks and custom buttons

1. Mark as FTF - this adds a value to a custom field when pressed for example the value you add using an update request option in your workflow could be 1 - this button could be set to only show if that custom field !=1

2. Unset FTF - this sets the same custom field value to say 0 when pressed.  - this button could be set to only show if the custom field =1

In this scenario the button to set the FTF would only be visible if it wasn't already set as FTF, but if it was pressed, this custom button would then be hidden, and replaced by another button allowing  the FTF to be unset in effect.

You could then report against this custom field value to show which were FTF Incidents or not.

Hope that makes sense.

I am not sure which auto task option you were looking to use use to update the FTF flag?

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Thank you so much for getting back to me

I have implemented the custom button and am testing with it now, it looks like this will achieve what we are looking for.

I had initially selected for the task to update the first time fix but couldn't see clearly how to implement it, the above seems to do the job.

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