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Exporting requests and Active/ Closed filter


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Our Employee Portal launch has gone down very well (yes we were a bit late joining the party :lol:) but a couple of feature requests.

1) The new option of extracting all requests into a spreadsheet is a nice inclusion. What would be helpful is to add which Team/Officer has the call and from what date is was assigned.

2) When you have a lots of calls as I do. It not helpful to include Resolved calls within the results with Active calls.

My I suggest that the following be adopted

Or, if this is not possible, I suggest Resolved calls are loaded within the results of Closed calls. As effectively for most people that what they are.

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Hi @nasimg

Thanks for you post and great to hear that things are going well with the Employee Portal.

Regarding item 2 and the call statuses. By default we have resolved calls still visible to the customer in the active list based on a two stage closure.  In this case the definition of active refers to being active until the customer confirms the fix, and making sure that resolved calls are very much in their view until closed.  You can take the approach of a single stage closure where as soon as the resolution is provided you automatically close the call.  This can work well on types of calls where there is no expectation of the customer validating the fix. Possibly an suspend node with an expiry could be used to close the call automatically after x number of days of the resolution.   I know that if there is not a process in place for taking a call from resolved to closed, the resolved called can tend to build up over time.  

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