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Unable to update the Details tab in a new Service

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

We have setup a handful of new services with its own team (it is outside of our existing teams and setup). However, for some reason I am unable to update the Details tab in any requests raised against these new Services. I can update the Details in any other Services, but for some reason I can not update the Details in these new Services. I have been looking over the configuration today, but can not see where this would need amending / updating. 

Can anyone advise why this may be occurring please? I have checked everything I can think, but still can not see why I am not able to update the details tab just in these 4 new Services

Many thanks !

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

Thanks for your post.  I can't recall any particular setting that would prevent this.  At what point are you not able to update the details?  Is the edit button available?  Or is it that the save option is not available after making an edit? Or are you getting an error when you do try to save?

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Hi James, 

Thank you for the response.

The edit button is available as normal, and I select this, navigate to the field to amend, make the change but then the Save button does not come to life like it does on other Services as shown below. The bottom image shows the details configuration of the field i am trying to amend in the Request.

Thanks !

Edit button:


View of Save tab once updated a field to amend:


Another Service:


Settings in the details tab configuration in Service Portfolio for the field I am trying to amend in the Details Tab in a request in Service Manager:


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