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Matching a response from a supplier who does not include our RequestID in Subject


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Can anyone please help me with how to detect the RequestID from within the BODY of an in-bound email?

The following was set-up and works well to match reply emails to existing Requests:


However, I have a supplier who receives an External Authorisation email from us. Their response does not reflect our Subject so the above rule does not match. Their emails come-in like the below where our Subject and Body text are reflected back in the "Original Incident Details" section of their email.

My question is what configuration do I need in a Routing Rule on my side to find and extract the RequestID from the body as below. I didn't have the RequestID in the example below. I could, for example, send a string like aaa-RequestID-aaa and the search extracts the RequestID from between the "aaa"s?


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