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Unable to remove some Users from a request list view

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

One of my Users has highlighted an issue with some of the configuration in a request list view. One of the conditions you can add is 'Owner' - however, some of the names in this field have an X next to the name to remove, and others do not. We need to remove one person from this list but without an X to remove the only way to do this will be to delete the whole Owner line and input it again which of course is not ideal.

I presume this may be a bug of some sort as you can see from the below some have an X to remove displayed and a large majority have no X to remove.

Many thanks



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Hi James,

Thank you for checking the issue. We normally work on 22 inch monitors across our estate - i did manage to get the X to come up on the config but I had to zoom to the point that the whole screen was taken up by the configuration box. I will advise the User of the workaround but wasn't sure if there is any way to change it to avoid this at all if possible please (Just to lessen any noise or grumblings around the UI in Service Manager) 

Many thanks !

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